About us

Minmet Refractory Solution Private Limited, was established in the year 2005 under the Indian Companies Act 1956 with a clear vision from Mr. Ch Ravikumar for an aspiration of delivering a complete solution to Indian Refractory industries in terms of availability of Raw-Materials. The core strength of our industry is to support industries in Sourcing of Material, its Supply chain management, Custom Clearance, Warehousing & Delivering the material on Just in Time method.

Refractory Industries Where Raw-Material plays a Pivotal role in deciding the bottom line of the business facing real issues of getting quality of material with competitive cost & additional challenges of maintaining working Capital of the business considering high credit demand from its Customers.Minmet Refractory brings solution to all these challenges & offers a complete Package of Total Cost Optimization.


A group of professionals having 15 years of working experience on Top MNCs in their respective sector are with us to give the best possible solution to Strategic Sourcing challenges. We can also act as an outsourcing agency who will take care of entire sourcing activity for Raw-Material & deliver it on Just in Time Method & there by Help Industries to concentrate on their core areas of business growth. As Professionals we are committed to Quality, Cost & Delivery by benchmarking with top Industry standards.
Vendors associated with us have gone through a process of Vendor assessment which includes an audit of their Internal control system of operation , Data Tracking Capabilities , Incoming Material control , Reaction to Non-Conformity , Problem Resolution management , Internal Analysis & Counter measures with Verification & lesson learned . With this we assure consistent quality of material to be delivered to our Customers.

Supply Chain:

To have uninterrupted Supply chain we have understanding with some globally renowned Liners & Freight Forwarders who are best in the industry to ensure smooth movement of material from Origin to Destination Port.As we deal in big volumes & with a better long-term relationship with Freight agencies, enjoy Priority in getting Containers at load port across globe.

Custom Clearance & Warehousing:

The need of the Modern business & with the Volatility in RM industry we assures clearance of Cargo with optimized time & cost. To move a step further we are also assisting industries in arranging for storage of the material with in best conditions across industries so that it can be delivered to our Customers exactly when required. This process not only give an end to end solution but also ensures minimum possible Inventory at Customer place& there by we also contribute on reducing the Working Capital of the Industries as well.

Crushing & Grinding Unit:

Refractory Industry largely depends on specific sized material at a given point of time, to address this issue we have set off a best class crushing & Grinding unit where we used to crush & Grind Lumps as per requirement of our Customer. This facility not only minimise inventory at our customer location but also give them the comfort of availability of sized Material as per demand of their back to back customer order.

In totality we act as an outsourcing Partner to take care of entire activity of Raw-Material Sourcing, Supply chain, Custom Clearance, Warehousing & Delivering Cargoes to our Customers. With the Process we pass on the cost benefit that we enjoy for bulk buying& end to end solution, with an understanding of the consistent quality requirement of our Customers& there by helping Industries to concentrate on their core strength areas.